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Overnight Tour to Husky Lakes: Leave during the afternoon into the evening, have supper upon arrival and sleep overnight at the cabin at Husky Lakes, have brunch the next day, and leave early afternoon into the evening. $750/person includes all food/drink and clothing. Snacks optional.

Group bookings can include tours, activities, accommodations, and food catering. Call Michèle at 867-340-0123 for more information and to book for your group.



  • All food, beverages and warm clothing are provided.
  • This overnight tour includes all meals, snacks, clean and warm blankets and sleeping bags in a loft and a warm and authentic ambiance.
  • It includes dog sledding and snowmobiling to the cabin along with outdoor activities at the cabin.
  • The itinerary and departure times can be discussed during the booking.
  • Additional activities – Hikes along the lake shore, fishing in the early morning, campfire at night.
  • Other accommodations including Bed and Breakfast are available in the community.
  • Group bookings can be arranged for accommodations and catering.
  • Additional winter, spring, and summer activities are available upon request (igloo building, sliding, ice fishing, community interpretative tour by bus or by snowmobile, etc.)
  • Fully insured for all tours and equipment

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What is the dogsledding experience like?
The dog sledding experience varies depending on the weather and time of year. It can be a cold weather experience if patrons want to experience dog sledding at -40C or one can also experience a relatively warm and sunny ride in the late Springtime at -5C. Each mushing/sledding experience is different and unique depending on the trail, the dogs, and the weather. Bruce, the owner, also makes the ride experiences interesting with snippets about the land, the dogs, and the area’s history while leading the tour. All tours allow you to enjoy the breath-taking sights of our land and feel at one with Mother Nature! It is a complete de-stressing experience.
Will I get to see the Aurora Borealis?
The Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights are never guaranteed; it depends on the weather and whether the sky is clear. There is a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights on cold and clear nights!
How fit do I need to be?
All activities require a minimum fitness level; none of the activities are overly strenuous.
What is the climate like? Temperature variance?
Temperatures can vary from +20C in the summer to a lovely and comfortable +5C in the Springtime. From late December to late February, the temperature ranges from -40C to -50C. We generally do not run the dogs when the temperature falls below -40C as the weather conditions are too risky for the dogs to run.
Can I leave my excess luggage somewhere before the trip? If yes, what is the price for it?
You can leave your excess luggage at the office/house before traveling. It is about half a kilometre from the dog yard. There is no charge for this.
In which language will the tour be conducted?
The tour will be led in English, French, and some of the times in Inuvialuktun. Storytelling is generally done in English but can be provided in Inuvialuktun with an Elder upon request.


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