Credit: David Stewart from the Inuvialuit Communications Society for the video.

The Originals


The matriarch! Sedna is a 6-year old husky and the mother of quite a few litters in our yard.

Place of Birth: Tuktoyaktuk

Birthday: 31 December 2015


Whitey is our picture-perfect white husky, also nicknamed Handsome. He is a male dog, a favourite amongst our tourists for his gentle and friendly behaviour.

Alue (Aloo)

She is another female on the team and an attraction for the tourists with her ‘bossy’ behaviour. Her name comes from the true story of Balto, the Alaskan husky that brought medicine to a community. Aleu is Balto’s daughter.


A wheel dog for many years now, he is part of the first litter of dogs born in 2017 that started the team that we have today. Born to Sedna, he is brother to Whitey, Nanuk and Aleu; the Originals!


Often leading our teams, Nanuk is one of the first leaders Bruce trained along with Dollar. As an older dog these days, he insists on leading the team even when he’s not called to do.


Our oldest female, acquired from Herbert Blake of Inuvik, has been our best lead dog. She is intelligent, disciplined, listens well and always takes the team in the right direction. She is a strong and hardworking Alaskan Hound.

She has also given birth to three litter, still in our dog yard.

Fun Facts

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