Cancellation Policy

Please read Noksana Mushing’s cancellation policy carefully. Noksana Mushing reserves the right to decline any booking. Noksana Mushing reserves the right to cancel any booking if there is suspected credit card fraud.


Cancellation Made by You:

Any cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation fees are determined based on the date of receipt of cancellation intimation by Noksana Mushing. All cancellation fees are the proportionate percentage of the total tour price and are calculated by the timing of the cancellation.


– 24 hours before the start of the tour – 100% refund of the security deposit;

Please note that sighting of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed on our Northern lights tour. We run all our trips regardless of the weather. Our cancellation policy will be enforced even when there is a snowstorm, and there is no possibility of seeing the Aurora, as we cannot predict or control the weather.


Cancellation Made by Noksana Mushing:

If there have not been enough reservations, Noksana Mushing reserves the right to cancel the tour. In the case of cancellation of a tour by Noksana Mushing, the guests can choose an alternative travel date or opt for an alternative tour. If the newly chosen tour is lower in price than the original tour booked, the tour price difference will be refunded to the concerned guest. Alternatively, the guests can also select the option for a full refund. The guests are notified of such cancellation at least 14 days before the trip starts for extended tour programs. A day’s notice is given in case of cancellation of daily trips.

Single travellers booking online might face the problem of tour cancellation if the minimum person requirement has not been met. Therefore, we kindly request all single travellers to contact us before continuing with a booking to ensure we can provide information upfront and avoid the hassle of tour cancellation. Noksana Mushing reserves the right to cancel any trip if the minimum requirement has not been met two days before the trip.


Force Majeure:

Noksana Mushing cannot accept liability or pay any compensation if a booking is affected or prevented from happening due to “force majeure.” In the event of cancellations due to force majeure, we will offer the guests an alternative tour best matching the tour description of the booked trip. (For instance, a cart trip instead of a sled tour). Here, “force majeure” means any unforeseen or unavoidable event that is beyond the control of Noksana Mushing. Such events may include but are not limited to terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions such as lack of snow and lack of cold temperatures, disease, riots, civil unrest, war, and all similar types of events.


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