Please read Noksana Mushing’s disclaimer carefully before booking a trip with us.

Noksana Mushing and its staff arrange all possible safety contingencies to minimize any risk for the dogs, you – our guest, and your fellow passengers. We conduct all our tours in good faith with the utmost safety. We check our equipment regularly and ensure we maintain high safety and quality standards.

Our dogs are all vaccinated, in good health, and are well trained for the trips they undertake. However, it is important to note that every dog has a different disposition. Guests need to be aware that all dogs are generally social and friendly animals. Nevertheless, when a dog is put in an uncomfortable position, it can react unpredictably. It is the guests’ responsibility to observe acceptable behaviours and keep their distance from the dogs. (For example, do not put fingers through the fence of a barking dog or try to feed them). Guides are professional and will give you a safety briefing before each trip.

Most of our trails are custom-designed for that group of guests. This ensures the maximum safety any natural trail can offer without compromising the surrounding beauty. We do our very best to prevent any accidents. On our morning and northern lights trip, we will inform the guest how to sit on the sled safely. We will show the guests how to use the brake. It is the responsibility of the guests to know their limitations and adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions.


Acknowledgment of disclaimer and assumption of risk

When guests book a trip with Noksana Mushing, they acknowledge that adventure travel is not without some degree of risk. They will have considered all potential risks and challenges, and they have considered their capabilities and fitness levels. And each person explicitly assumes full responsibility for the risks involved while undertaking any tour with Noksana Mushing, thereby releasing Noksana Mushing from any responsibility outside our control and accepting our disclaimer.


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