What is the dogsledding experience like?
The dog sledding experience varies depending on the weather and time of year. It can be a freezing experience if patrons want to experience dog sledding at -40C, or it can be a relatively warm sunny experience in the late Springtime at -5C. Each mushing/sledding experience is different and unique depending on the trail, the dogs, and the weather. Bruce talks about the land, the dogs, and the area’s history as he stands at the back of the sled. However, different or varied, all experiences have one thing in common: you can enjoy the breath-taking beauty of our land and feel at one with Nature!
Will I see aurora?
Sighting of the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights is never guaranteed, as it depends on the weather and whether the sky is clear… they are beautiful and vivid on cold, clear nights!
How fit do I need to be?
All activities require a minimum fitness level, and none are overly strenuous.
What is the climate like? Temperature variance?
Temperatures can vary from +20C in the summer to a lovely and comfortable +5C in the Springtime to -40C or colder from late December to late February. We generally do not run the tours at temperatures colder than -40 as it is too hard on the dogs and the probability of accidents is higher due to severe weather.
Can I leave my excess luggage somewhere before the trip? If yes, what is the price for it?
You can leave your excess luggage at the office/house before travelling. It is about half a kilometre from the dog yard. There is no charge for this .
Can I return back on the day of the tour, or do I need to stay overnight for a small 3-4 hour tour?
If you live in nearby communities and booked a daytime tour, you can return on the same day. However, if you have travelled from far, it is recommended that you stay for a night to enjoy the hospitality of our friendly community. Please contact us for overnight accommodation booking.
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